long haired chihuahua 10"x8"

frenchie with red heart 10"x8"

chinese crested 10"x8"

teacup chihuahua 10"x8"

little girl on beach with frenchies 10"x8"

smooth chihuahua 10"x8"

hug a pug sign 13 1/2"x 5 1/2"

french bulldog 10"x8"

white sussex 10"x8"

tattooed bulldog 10"x8"

cockerel sign 10"x8"

made in Essex sign 10"x8"

bulldog with sailor hat 10"x8"

big chicken 10"x8"

owls sign 10"x8"

nuthouse squirrel 10"x8"

boston terrier sign 10"x8"

french bulldog with spotty scarf 10"x8"

nutty but nice squirrel 10"x8"

black & tan chihuahua 10"x8"

scottish terrier 10"x8"

pink sheep 13 1/2" x 5 1/2" 

black pug sign 10"x8"


sausage dog 13"x5"

Sean Aherne Art